Is There A Sciatic Nerve Pain Medication That Is Safe And Natural?

Yes there is, it's called Heal-N-Soothe which a natural anti-inflammatory. Sciatica pain is inflammation of the sciatic nerves. Sciaitic nerve pain is a problem in the lower back. It is pain on account of either an trauma to the lower back or just general stress on the lower back. Whatever the cause sciatic nerve pain is not very pleasant and can be a bit tough to withstand after a while. Nevertheless, like all medical concerns there is treatment for sciatic nerve pain. With this medical issue there are certain medicines that you can take and thus be in position to overcome sciatic nerve pain.

In fact, there are a multitude of types of sciatic nerve pain medication. The first kind of sciatic nerve pain medication is over the counter drugs. Over the counter medications for sciatic nerve pain include anti-inflammatory medicines such as Ibuprofen (Advil) and Aleve. The medicines are combined with cold compresses to lessen and eventually eliminate swelling of the nerves. But, over the counter medications may possibly not be strong enough or sufficient sources of sciatic nerve pain medication.

If the pain doesn't subside and the over the counter medications fail to enable the person to recover then they need to seek assistance from a doctor. When discussing the matter with a health care provider it is most advantageous to ask your health care professional about the negative aspects of stronger pain killers for your sciatica problem. The health care practitioner can likely discuss your alternatives and then prescribe a medication that is stronger and more effective if you agree but please remember that many of them are addictive. Among the commonplace categories of medicines given and prescribed are muscle relaxants which release nerve pressure, narcotic drugs that are temporarily used to provide relief from pain and anti-depressants and anti-convulsant medications which block pain and raise endorphins to soothe the pain.

Steroids are another possible way of treating sciatica. The substance cortisone is injected into the epidural cavity to decrease swelling at the source of aggravation. Epidural injections are effective but tend to simply provide temporary relief and commonly the patient will have to return for additional injections. The amount of time varies from one patient to the next depending on their situation and body. It could be weeks, months, or in some cases even years.

Sciatic nerve pain medication is usually a short term solution to the sciatic condition. The three treatment choices discussed offer benefits but they can also have unfavorable side effects. The over the counter medicaitons can be ineffective after a while and moreover cause nausea, upset stomach and even ulcers. Prescription drugs are effective but they can become addictive and steroids can be harmful for the body by creating damage. It is best to discuss all of your treatment optionw with your physician before seeking sciatic nerve pain medication.

In order to defeat this condition completely you may need to participate in physical therapy on a regular basis in order to help rehabilitate your back and get back to optimal health. With all these various forms of sciatic nerve pain medication available today we are sure you can find a permanent, long term remedy.