Acute Inflammation and Aggravation vs. Chronic Inflammation and Aggravation

Evidence supports that, one of your body’s most efficient and powerful defense methods is short-term, or acute, inflammation and aggravation .

On top of that, researchers do show that swelling from more fluids impedes vulnerable areas from further damage while the body goes into overdrive to battle bacteria, viruses, and even parasites. Keep in mind that it not only kills off the bacteria, viruses, and parasites, but vulnerable tissue as well until your body wins the war in the end.

Next once inflammation and aggravation has realized its desired mission to kill the external bacteria, viruses, or parasites then the recovery process can start. Regrettably, sometimes, the body fails to end the inflammatory cycle and systemic chronic inflammation and aggravation comes about.

Whereas acute inflammation and aggravation can save your life for all intents and purposes, chronic inflammation and aggravation may help end it. Many agree when chronic inflammation and aggravation becomes systemic the body technically turns on itself. Further, it leads to greater risk of heart attack or stroke, magnifies the damaging effects of Alzheimer’s, and even encourages an internal environment predisposed for cancer.

Even if a number of various pain pills may decrease inflammation and aggravation in the body, they are not safe to consume for prolonged periods of time. These pain pills themselves have been discovered to have a direct correlation to heart attacks, strokes, and blood clots. Bear in mind that they can also harm your kidneys and other important organs, lead to internal bleeding, and even death in some occurrences.

As a consequence, what is demanded is a safer system to soothing both localized and systemic inflammation and irritation in the body. Advantageously, there are a number of options and they can be utilized interchangeably. Basically, the four most recommended natural therapeutics for mitigating and reducing inflammation and aggravation are:

1. Ice and Heat Therapy - heat and ice can soothe discomfort, inflammation and aggravation.

2. Dietary Changes - Many foods boost your body’s inflammatory response such as dairy, wheat, gluten, sugar, fried foods, still other foods alleviate and reduce inflammation and aggravation.

3. All-Natural Medicines - Herbs and other holistic remedies can be as helpful and powerful for rectifying inflammation and irritation as pain pharmaceuticals without the detrimental side effects; systemic proteolytic enzymes are also vital in managing chronic inflammation and aggravation as they break down detrimental scar tissue caused by the excess inflammation and irritation.

4. Mind/Body Techniques - Stress related tension directly or indirectly contributes to a significant number of disease states including inflammation and aggravation; correcting the stress will help to break the inflammatory cycle.

Best wishes and good luck!!